DREAMLAND | Design + Direct  DREAMLAND is an inventive architecture and design lab and office supported by an aligned and humane working process. Our particular interest is to promote understanding and empathy as the core of pioneering ideas.  We aspire to a future of connected living.Our holistic, design process comes to life at DREAMLAND through our L.A.B. The L.A.B. consists of three interconnected branches: DREAMLAND LEARNING, DREAMLAND ALLIANCE and DREAMLAND BUILDING.



Los Angeles, California

‘Spaces for Spontaneous Singing’, was a temporary installation for the Los Angeles Design Festival, Market Row DTLA June 20-23, 2019.  The festival theme was ‘Design with Purpose’. This installation invoked this theme as the ‘Purpose of Joy’ by bringing the activity of ‘singing in the shower’ into the public realm.

Spaces for Spontaneous Singing’ brings the activity of uninhibited singing from a private spatial experience of one’s shower, to the public street, inviting moments of joyful expression within a new form of dedicated urban mini ‘singing shower park’. The installation, open to the public, was sited in conjunction with and adjacent to other Design Festival events and designed as an intergenerational social experience. Conceptual, waterless ‘showers’ - shower bases (stages), privacy screens and seating - can be experienced alone or in social groupings, allowing for a ‘private’ singing experience or for couples, families and friends to sing together, or sit and view the show.

The deeper concept is that in play and joy, vulnerable boundaries of the private and public dissolve. This installation pushes the boundary of personal norms into public social behavior, using an ‘authorized’ play setting for all ages. By reversing public and private behavioral, stereotypical spatial designations, it explores ‘belonging’ - where we feel comfortable, where we hide and where we test our private face in public. The hope is that this experiment yields both the stepping over restrictive personal thresholds, alliances and friendships with a community of participants, and the temporary reclamation of urban space for alternative public territory.

Credits: Renderings by Kelli McGrath



Los Angeles, CA; San Francisco, CA.

'breaking through the impossible'

Los Angeles, November 3-5, 2017, the Bayer Leaps Pavilion, a globally touring installation designed by Dreamland Creative Projects, officially launched Bayer Leaps at the Summit LA 2017 event.

"Bayer Leaps (of BAYER AG) takes the initiative to generate breakthrough solutions in life science, aiming to conquer ten huge challenges facing humanity.  These seemingly impossible challenges are being taken as leaps of faith."

The Ten Leaps are:

1           Give Sight to People Born Blind
2          Cure Life Threatening Bleeding Disorders in Children
3          Cure Genetic Heart Disease in Children
4          Regenerate Damaged Hearts
5          Repair Retinas to Restore Vision
6          Restore Brain Tissue to Protect our Memories
7          Enable High Speed Animal Vaccines
8          Rejuvenate Soil and Protect Root Health
9          Shape the next generation of high performing crops
10         Develop Natural Insecticides



The focal point of the Bayer Leaps Pavilion, designed by DREAMLAND CREATIVE PROJECTS, emulates the actual concrete stair in Lyons, France, the location where Pro Skateboarder, Aaron “Jaws” Homoki attempted the longest skateboard LEAP. Injured by the leap, Jaws made a complete recovery and returned to the stair to try it again.

The Leaps Stair touring installation is a symbol of the ‘leap’ and the attempt to achieve the impossible. The 25 steps of the staircase, brings the brand mission of Bayer Leaps to life, and is a story of never giving up. The design uses the concrete stairs foremost, as the generator and seed for all design elements, finishes and details.


Since the design is generated from the stair, all the details flow from the proportions, dimensions, joints, finishes and alignments with the stair.  The massive doors, have hidden pivots and move with the touch of a hand. The exterior of the doors is a concrete finish, applied with a craftsman's hand to match the concrete panel of stairs. Inside the door finish is a softer finish and reveal the sanctuary interior. It is a minimalist monument


Underneath the stairs, and hidden behind the massive doors is a sanctuary, an experiential space for mindfulness, gathering, conversations, relaxation, meditation, yoga, tea ceremonies, and fireside chats.

The soft, organic sanctuary finishes on the interior, contrast with the hard concrete finishes of the exterior. Simplicity of modular details, fluid and flexible continuity, over scale and perspective, create cohesive unity.   The experience is then enhanced with transformative day and night interactive digital messaging, which tells the story of the leaps. The stairs and sanctuary welcome, invite and inspire the big dream. 


New York, New York

A design proposal for a traveling photography pavilion of the praying mantis inside of its natural habitat, the work of of the artist and photographer, Zana Briski. The pavilion, sited in Central Park, New York City near the Museum of Natural History, features the beauty of the Mantis and educates its wisdom and historically sacred existence, unfolding the wild of nature in an urban condition. The project included a store and a café. As Director for Shigeru Ban Architects.


Dunbar, Pennsylvania

A reception and wedding event pavilion to support the popularity of Kentuck Knob, a home built by Frank Lloyd Wright. Inspired by nearby trees, the undulating, translucent roof creates a canopy which allows light into the pavilion. The design is completely integrated with the exterior through full height door openings. As Director for Shigeru Ban Architects


London, UK

Lido is a proposal for a re-interpreted Lido facility inside a park adjacent to the River Thames in London. Lido spatial fragments are dispersed and submerged into a pool of water, creating platforms for performance. Water levels are controlled for dry and wet shows. An L-shaped corner wall contains a vertical ampitheater with spectator seating for concert and fashion events.  With Dreamland.


Womb + is a lightweight, translucent meditation sphere. Located in the landscape, this rolling sanctuary moves singly or in groups in response to gravity, wind and rain, until anchored by the entry of human presence. The concept challenges the idea of sanctuary as stable, and welcomes the truth of unpredictability and change. Womb + may lie alone on the land or nestled in groups, forming a community. Lit by solar power, they glow as lanterns in the night. When seated inside, one's shadow can be observed through the skin, from the exterior. Varying designs incorporate material for the sphere that is diverse, storied and organic. With Dreamland.


New York, New York

The Liberty Project is a prototype for a gate project installation at boundaries between ethnic communities in New York City. This prototype is located at a corner between Chinatown and Little Italy. Half of the gate is in Chinatown and the other half is in Little Italy. The full experience of the gate installation is completed by crossing the boundary between the two neighborhoods. A symbol of welcome to immigrants entering the free world, this project uses the metal armature of the Statue of Liberty, discarded during its renovation. It is recycled with glass to create gestural wings over a park on each corner. With Dreamland.

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