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Jackson, Mississippi 

The 400,000 square foot, Leed Certified, Federal Courthouse is made up of two six-story towers which encircle an open air rotunda. Three circulation systems are designed for public, staff and prisoner movement. The public enters via a canopy through a security checkpoint and circulates to the jury selection room, courtrooms, or offices. The exterior landscape, interior design finishes , millwork, historical and artistic references depict the narrative of Jackson, Mississippi. As Associate for  Hardy Holzman Pfeiffer Associates (H3)


Jerusalem, Israel 

Invited International Finalist. The National Library of Israel was a competition for the most important civic building to be planned in Israel. As part of a Master Plan for a museum mile and located adjacent to the Knesset (Israeli Parliament), the Library complex included Research and Study, Education and Culture, Public Areas, Library Operations, Underground Stacks and Parking. The design introduces three zones; a Peace Passage, Star Square and Heritage Hall. The store, auditorium, exhibition spaces and café form a street leading to the library. A site perimeter spiritual wall made of Jerusalem stone hangs from a rooftop domed canopy, symbolic of the Jerusalem hills. The structure for the roof is made up of three religious symbols – Judaism, Islam and Christianity-which are bound together, supported by the entire building. It is an open invitation to peace through scholarship. As Director for Shigeru Ban Architects.


JFK Airport, New York

Terminal One, a new 400,000 square foot 11 gate airport terminal, built by Air France, Japan Airlines, Korean Airlines and Lufthansa, was designed as a dramatic structure symbolic of flight. As Architectural Designer for Nicholas Bodouva and Associates.


Kolkata, India

The Saree Garden is a building design for Swayam, a non profit organization committed to ending violence against women and children, based in Kolkata, India. The saree, the beautiful, dignified, everyday, iconic, symbol of womanhood is reframed as a draping landscape and planted veil which wraps the building. These flowering panels, based on the dimensions of a saree, screen an undulating stair, where women and their children can circulate, rest and play, shaded from the hot sun. From the interior of the building, views look at nature, introduced to the narrow streets of the city. From the exterior, the symbol of woman is announced powerfully to the public. Instead of seeking contextual cues from surrounding buildings, Swayam's new home sets the architectural tone for the street. It empowers women through visible, recognizable and cultural symbolism. With Dreamland.


Genoa, Italy

Dinegro Station was designed as one of several new stations, part of the master plan for Genoa of the Metropolitana, a new rapid transit system. It is a three-track station which occupies part of a semi-subterranean warehouse accessed by a broad stair. As Architectural Designer for Renzo Piano Building Workshop. Photography by: Gianni Berengo Gardin.


New York, New York

The Aquarium, an architecture and landscape project, is conceived as a living gate and threshold into Central Park, adjacent to the existing zoo and lake at the Fifth Avenue park entrance. Recycled water, impacted by the park soil, creates a natural water plinth while generating a source for filtered water for the fish aquaria. It is an exhibition of both the natural and artificial water worlds. Three components-granite rock outcroppings, water, and reflective, folded glass panels form an experience of the pleasure of water in nature. The project elements are multipurpose spaces where interior and external spaces, event rooms, picnic areas, bars, walkways, and the fish aquaria became the partition elements of the space. The floor of the restaurant forms the canopy over the building entrance. It is an aquarium, viewed from above and below. Nature is viewed through the lens of a colored water and fish landscapes, day and night. The building is a park. With Dreamland.


New York, New York

The Liberty Project is a prototype for a gate project installation at boundaries between ethnic communities in New York City. This prototype is located at a corner between Chinatown and Little Italy. Half of the gate is in Chinatown and the other half is in Little Italy. The full experience of the gate installation is completed by crossing the boundary between the two neighborhoods. A symbol of welcome to immigrants entering the free world, this project uses the metal armature of the Statue of Liberty, discarded during its renovation. It is recycled with glass to create gestural wings over a park on each corner. With Dreamland.



The community center in Kassel, Germany explores the relationship between children and adult activities. Sited on a peninsula, using the hill topography, it reverses the role of supervision and safety. Children, in their activity spaces observe adults from a sectional height. Rock foundations and wooden roof canopies create natural enclosures. With Dreamland.

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