DREAMLAND | Design + Direct  DREAMLAND is an inventive architecture and design lab and office supported by an aligned and humane working process. Our particular interest is to promote understanding and empathy as the core of pioneering ideas.  We aspire to a future of connected living.Our holistic, design process comes to life at DREAMLAND through our L.A.B. The L.A.B. consists of three interconnected branches: DREAMLAND LEARNING, DREAMLAND ALLIANCE and DREAMLAND BUILDING.

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New York, New York

A design proposal for a traveling photography pavilion of the praying mantis inside of its natural habitat, the work of of the artist and photographer, Zana Briski. The pavilion, sited in Central Park, New York City near the Museum of Natural History, features the beauty of the Mantis and educates its wisdom and historically sacred existence, unfolding the wild of nature in an urban condition. The project included a store and a café. As Director for Shigeru Ban Architects.


Racine, Wisconsin

A master plan and structural design which integrates with the existing Johnson Wax Building designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. New Buildings house a visitors center, café and an exhibition center for the historic Johnson plane commemorating the early Johnson voyage to South America. Light enters the pavilion through woven steel columns. As Director for Shigeru Ban Architects.


London, UK

Lido is a proposal for a re-interpreted Lido facility inside a park adjacent to the River Thames in London. Lido spatial fragments are dispersed and submerged into a pool of water, creating platforms for performance. Water levels are controlled for dry and wet shows. An L-shaped corner wall contains a vertical ampitheater with spectator seating for concert and fashion events.  With Dreamland.


New York, New York

The Aquarium, an architecture and landscape project, is conceived as a living gate and threshold into Central Park, adjacent to the existing zoo and lake at the Fifth Avenue park entrance. Recycled water, impacted by the park soil, creates a natural water plinth while generating a source for filtered water for the fish aquaria. It is an exhibition of both the natural and artificial water worlds. Three components-granite rock outcroppings, water, and reflective, folded glass panels form an experience of the pleasure of water in nature. The project elements are multipurpose spaces where interior and external spaces, event rooms, picnic areas, bars, walkways, and the fish aquaria became the partition elements of the space. The floor of the restaurant forms the canopy over the building entrance. It is an aquarium, viewed from above and below. Nature is viewed through the lens of a colored water and fish landscapes, day and night. The building is a park. With Dreamland.


A Visionary City

El Dorado is a visionary city proposal which attempts to capture and re-translate energetic memories of New York City. Based on personal dream vignettes of experiences in New York City, choreographic notations (rather than architectural drawings) inspire the design of mysterious dance sequences, which were performed interactively with energetic street patterns projected on the wall. Performed in London and Paris. With Dreamland.

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