DREAMLAND | Design + Direct  DREAMLAND is an inventive architecture and design lab and office supported by an aligned and humane working process. Our particular interest is to promote understanding and empathy as the core of pioneering ideas.  We aspire to a future of connected living.Our holistic, design process comes to life at DREAMLAND through our L.A.B. The L.A.B. consists of three interconnected branches: DREAMLAND LEARNING, DREAMLAND ALLIANCE and DREAMLAND BUILDING.

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New York, New York

The Metal Shutter Houses is a residential condominium building with a gallery on the ground floor, located near the Highline in Chelsea, New York City. The simple and extraordinary design of the building captures the historical flavor of Chelsea using reinvented security, roll-up, perforated shutters and 20’ high automated bi-fold doors. The duplex apartments on the interior open fully to the outside allowing for floor through views to the exterior. As Director for Shigeru Ban Architects. Photography by: Michael Moran.


Roosevelt Island, New York

Part of Dreamland’s RI-PLAN initiative on Roosevelt Island, the OPEN LIGHT Residence is a full design and renovation of the upper level of the family’s duplex HOME. The design opens the floor from a segmented room floor plan, creating the kitchen as the center hearth of the space, introducing light to all newly integrated areas.


Roosevelt Island, New York

Part of Dreamland’s RI-PLAN initiative on Roosevelt Island, the DUO Residence is a full design and renovation of a one bedroom apartment. The design radically alters the traditional layout into modern, connected spaces, which allow for additional uses, and are accessed with temporary translucent glass sliding doors. 



Roosevelt Island, New York

Part of Dreamland’s RI-PLAN initiative on Roosevelt Island, the INSPIRE residence is a design of a two bedroom apartment. The design creates flexible spaces, in a seamless, integrated design, which open to invite light. Creative work areas and gallery surfaces are highlighted so that the residents can have private, designated spaces to work on varied projects.


Roosevelt Island, New York

Part of Dreamland’s RI-PLAN initiative on Roosevelt Island, the RE-CLAIM residence is a design of a two bedroom apartment for a family of five. The kitchen, living and bedroom are spatially integrated volumes, which create an open, communal family space in addition to private spaces for each member of the family. The aesthetic is industrial with the use of reclaimed materials.


Roosevelt Island, New York

Part of Dreamland’s RI-PLAN initiative on Roosevelt Island, the EXHIBIT residence is a design of a two bedroom apartment. The main space features a customized, and flexible exhibition space which feature collections gathered on travels. The kitchen opens to the exhibition and integrates the hospitality of dinners and entertainment.


Roosevelt Island, New York

RI: PLAN - “Design at the Core” 

RI:PLAN, was a roll out of 4 initiatives bringing affordable apartment renovation design options, in an innovative inclusive design process, to residents in the Roosevelt Island, NY housing core. 


Roosevelt Island, an affordable, experimental, residential community in New York City, has always been a special place with a unique history of innovation, inclusion and community. Planned in the 1970’s, the core of the island was populated with apartment buildings, whose pioneering residents could enjoy quiet, beauty, and proximity to the city. In the last decade, this popular island has attracted new residential properties, the new Four Freedoms Park and the siting and planning of the new Cornell Tech Campus. This has left the core of the island as a design vacuum while the periphery is developed. This project, RI:PLAN, begins to bring design back the core. 


An innovative installation pop-up, designed to be located in the center of Roosevelt Island to host short, free design consultations with residents. The design of the installation incorporates real apartment floor plans of the core buildings, that are hinged together ‘in community.’ The pop up includes the launch exhibition of the RI-BOX design tool kits that will be used in the consultations and in future workshops.


RI:BOX - Sample Apartment Models to be Used as Design Tools for Adults and Children 

Sample apartment models are design kits in order to imagine personalized space. The designs come as a box and include the existing perimeter walls, openings, structure, shafts and partitions. All non-structure and shafts can be removed from the model and relocated. Additional pieces can be added to reconfigure the spaces. This tool easily brings the residents into the process of design and can be used as a family game. RI-BOX was featured as a gallery exhibition. 

RI:WORK - Design Educational workshops for the Community, Tenants and Local Schools 

DREAMLAND hosted affordable community information sessions to provide detailed information on the process of apartment design and renovation. In the design process neighbors gather for in process design workshops, where they collaborate and share ideas and information. 

RI:DESIGN - A Design Service for Individuals and Families

Following the RI-PLAN roll-out, DREAMLAND provided individual consultations, and affordable design packages. RI-DESIGN birthed the HOME service, an easy to use menu of service options simple pricing strategies. Numerous concepts were designed and several are being realized. Examples of RI-PLAN are DUO RESIDENCE, INSPIRE RESIDENCE, EXHIBIT RESIDENCE, RECLAIM RESIDENCE, OPEN LIGHT RESIDENCE AND URBAN BEACH RESIDENCE.


New Orleans, Louisiana

This 'Make it Right' Affordable Prototype House was built in response to the Katrina Hurricane in the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans. Dictated by the Make it Right Foundation, the project program and sustainability requirements were based on the ‘cradle to cradle’ philosophy. The house design with the familiar typology of the Shotgun Style of New Orleans, opens connections to the exterior and community with a porch and terrace. Prefabricated structural furniture units provide bracing, insulation and storage. As Director for Shigeru Ban Architects.


Beverly Hills, California

A house and pool addition to an existing historic, contemporary home. The design is a linked residential campus, created to enjoy outdoor living in a garden. New house program components include a master suite, renovation of the existing house layout, new kitchen, guest room, pool, and outdoor dining. As Director for Shigeru Ban Architects.

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